Tips For Doing Home Handyman Electrical Jobs

Think Carefully Before Doing Any Home Electrical Work If You Are Not A Qualified Electrician

In order to save a few dollars you might be tempted to do some home electrical repairs yourself. Especially if you are a handyman who fancies themselves as a jack of all trades. If this is you, might want to consider the following facts about what can go wrong when you mess with electricity.

1. Is rewiring my home something I have the necessary skills and qualifications for? If you answered yes, the go right ahead. However if you answered no, then you could be risking your life if you just so much as touch a live wire.

2. Can I rewire a light switch safely? Light switches may seem like easy things to deal with, especially if you have watched an electrician at work. They simply undo the switch screws holding on the wall, drop out the unit and unscrew the wires connected to the back of the light switch. All sounds easy enough but if you cross the wires or earth them with your body touch, then at best you could blow your circuit or at worst blow you life away.

3. Can I work on electrical circuits around my own and do this legally? This is a very good question and it varies depending on which state you are living in. There are different laws affecting what someone around their home is allowed to do, depending on whether you are from Western Australia, South Australia, Victoria, Tasmania, New South Wales, Queensland or The Northern Territory.

4. How do I get started on smaller electrical jobs that are not bound by laws and are something that is safe for a home handyman to do? When it comes to things like wiring up a home entertainment system or installing some wireless stereo speakers, most of the tools and equipment you will need can be sourced from your local hardware store. Somewhere like Bunnings or Mitre 10, can supply all the cabling, fixture points, and electrical tools to make the job an easy one.

5. What tools and supplies do I need? So speaking of tools, you are probably wondering exactly what you might need to do some handyman electrical jobs around the home. For starters you will need a power drill, a good set of both masonry drills and timber drills, to drill holes for securing wall mount plates and the like. A good set of electrical pliers and wire strippers will come in handy too. Electrical tape and cable joiners are also indispensable assets to have around the home for small electrical chores.

6. How do electricians make it look easy to pull wires through the wall? This is one of the most difficult things to do when it comes to running wires through your home. Crawling up into roof caveties may not be the thing that thrills you most, and may be a good reason to leave jobs like this to a qualified and experienced electrician.

7. What is electrical grounding and how do I do it? If you have asked this question, than you best be picking up the phone and calling for a professional, you don’t want to be electrocuting yourself, just to save a few dollars.

Do some small home electrical jobs is something that can be done to help save money on home repairs, and as long as you have the right tools, there is a great deal of satisfaction that can be achieved when you can do these types of chores yourself. However if the task is at all risky then it is something that is best left to a certified and qualified electrician.

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