Electrical Safety Switch Installation Brisbane

Electrical Safety Switch RCD

In and around your home, your daily activities could expose you to the risk of electric shock. Whether you are using a home appliance or do some handyman tasks about the home, the event of accidentally cutting into, or striking a live wire when putting up some bedroom shelves for example, is a very real one. By installing an RCD Safety Switch in your meter box or switchboard, you could be saving someone’s life, and that life could be yours.

Living in a home that is not protected by an RCD safety switch, is an unnecessary risk in today’s world, as the installation of such a device is relatively inexpensive and when you consider the cost of a human life, the cost is completely insignificant.

install safety switch brisbaneHow RCD’s Work To Protect You And Your Brisbane Family

So how do RCD’s (residual current device) actually work? A question you are bound to ask, when considering how best to make your Brisbane home safer when it comes to electricity and the prevention of electrocution.

RCD’s work to quickly cut off the power in an instant, when a problem has been detected. They way they work, is to constant monitor the current flow in the active and neutral wires in an electrical supply circuit. In normal situations, the power flow on these two wires is equal, but during an accident where the power flow balance between these two wires is detected by the RCD, the power is instantaneously terminated before an injury is likely to occur.

When an RCD detects an earth leakage, it disconnects the power in less than 20 milliseconds. This prevents the flow of an electric current flowing through a person’s body, which prevents the current earthing itself and electrocuting the person. This timing is crucial when it comes to the cardiac cycle, and the effective prevention of or reduced possibility of someone being killed or seriously injured.

Another benefit of the safety switch or RCD, is their ability to help prevent electrical fires, due to faults that can occur in home appliances, power tools or your home’s electrical wiring.

Testing Your Safety Switch

All homes built after 2000, are required by law to have a minimum of two safety RCD switches installed in their meter or distribution points. Laws apply differently for houses build between the years of 1992 and 1999, requiring that they only need a minimum of one RCD. If you want to ensure complete protection of your family, then simply meeting this law requirement is not going to cover you sufficiently.

test RCD brisbaneYour safety switch can be identified by a test button on the front panel of the switch itself. The test button is usually identified by the letter, “T” printed on the button itself. Sometimes this will indicated as an ON / OFF button.

It is highly recommended that you have your RCD tested every three months to ensure you have the protection your family needs.

If you are unsure as to whether you have a safety switch or RCD fitted to your meter box, or you just need to have an RCD tested, the please give us a call today on (07) 3062 8342 we service all Brisbane suburbs for installation and testing of safety switch RCD‘s for residential, commercial and industrial needs.